Sunday, November 25, 2012

You Probably Already Know This

Just started a digital subscription to Writer's Digest Magazine. If you've been in the writing community for a while then you're undoubtedly familiar with this publication. If you're new to the terrain I would highly suggest you become familiar with it. The savings over the news stand price when ordering it by snail mail or as a .pdf download is significant. The tips, resources and just plain morale boost you can get from a source like this is invaluable. Writer's Digest is a great place for keeping up with a constantly shifting industry, keeping you in touch with changes in publisher policies, personnel and needs. Couple that with an incredibly dedicated support staff that is willing to take time even for an analog intellect like mine and you have a stupendous combination.

Combine all of this with an upgraded subscription to Writer's Market and you have an even better deal. This is the digital version of the well known Writer's Market books that come out once a year. The advantage to this is they are constantly updating the information you find between the print covers. That and access to webinars and a ton of freebies and...well you can probably surmise, I am really enjoying this thing. Craft, markets, how-to's and some really easy to read and follow advice, check it out if you haven't.

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