Friday, November 16, 2012

The Troglodyte Returns!

Greetings from the Left Coast and here we go again,

Back from an extended sabbatical (sort of a literary walk-about). The entire landscape changed on the way and I am once again playing techie catch-up...when I left computers were just being touted as God's gift to the writer and marketing meant getting a lot of postal glue on your tongue. Now everything is the platform, FB, Twitter, Blogs, Linked-in and still finding time to sit down at this keyboard and translate my longhand scrawl into digitally stored and transmittable media.

Along the way I will make mistakes (one of the advantages of advancing years is being able to say oops and mean it!) but I invite you to bring them to my attention. As blues legend Buddy Guy says, "If you stop learning, roll it up and go home". I have never stopped, nor think I could, so it will be nice to see you along this road.

I have posted a couple of poems on FB and am fairly active there so if you wish I am always looking for interesting Friend requests. Other things going on right at the moment are a short story out for competition and also a sixty page poetry manuscript in the same temporary limbo. Several other pieces of short fiction in various stages of completion (are they ever, finally complete?). I tend towards gritty and at times downright dark. Dialogue is my strong point and I try for a believable range of characters in age, gender and personality. Anyway, this is the opening salvo as it were and I'm hoping to make of it something that will invite you back repeatedly.

Again, hello and thanks,

A good way to kill a little time at Montana de Oro In San Luis Obispo.
Dane F. Baylis

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