Saturday, June 15, 2013

Day 160 of the 365 Days of Blogging

The author, Dane F. Baylis




So, you've tried the time honored traditional route and, well, nobody was interested. You sent things out, checked the listed response time, waited what you felt was a reasonable time past this, and then got what was an apparent form letter rejection. You tried this a couple of times, with different venues, and the closest you got to a personal response was a form letter rejection slip with an actual think. What's the use, right?
Well, you're an adult in an adult world, and you have the freedom to take the impersonal silence too seriously, if you wish. Screw these clowns anyway, who do they think they are, your BFF thinks the damn story/poem/photo/song (pick your mode) was in-f***ing-credible.
You knew, going in, the deck was stacked, and you have to have an uncle working in the business to get in. At the very least ,your present significant other needs to have slept with a somebody, or at least a personal assistant to a somebody, to get you your break.
Or, maybe you can look at it this way. It's a REALLY crowded marketplace and, perhaps, you should try a little harder with the next lead. Work on your platform. Show the prospective paycheck provider that you're as willing as you'd like them to be when it comes to the heavy lifting in the relationship. Hell, if you honestly think the original submission was that good, rework it until it shines like triple show chrome and send it back! Or send them the next one. After you're sure you've done the absolute best you can. Somewhere along the line, if nothing else, they'll get the idea you're not just a one hit wonder. Everyone likes a worker.
Be persistent. You have the freedom to try the same outlet over and over, just as you have the freedom to give up. If you exercise the second option, they won't even notice you're no longer there. If, on the other hand, you keep coming back, there is the distinct chance someone (probably not that movie studio or major publishing house), but someone, will give you a break. Then you have the freedom to go back to the higher octane choice and say, "Hey, I've got credibility. I've done my leg work and developed a track record. I'm no longer an unknown and I've been pretty well received." Unless you give up that freedom, then all you're telling anyone is, "I couldn't take it, and they kept my ball!"
Freedom's a wonderful thing. It's up to you to choose the flavor you like., love, write.
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